Finite is a new composite material made from desert sand. It's as strong as concrete, but unlike concrete, it's biodegradable, simple to make with abundant materials and easy to reuse.

Why Finite?

There is a common misconception that sand is an abundant resource. Sand worldwide is in high demand and heavily used in many products and industries, especially construction. Desert sand however has little use, as its grains are too smooth and fine to bind together.

Finite, a newly developed material composite, opens new opportunities to make use of desert sand and other abundant fine powders that traditionally have no use. Finite can form these fine powders into structures that have the same strength as traditional housing bricks and residential concrete. Finite is environmentally friendly, with less than half the carbon footprint of concrete. Most impressively, thanks to its material properties, Finite can be remolded for multiple lifecycle uses. Finite is versatile and able to perform many functions and build many intricate forms and finishes. The team is currently developing Finite to bring it to market with some exciting initial opportunities.






Low Carbon